Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Forgiviness as a Healing

   The school year has came to an end and I began rejuvinating every independent reading time we have been given. Recently I've been reading a book, which has been chosen from a list of college level titles and I came across a title that made me suspicious to know what the book was about. The title contains two words that correlate to one another and is prevalent to connect to situations happening in today's society.  The book I'm reading is an old classic called Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich, which is the first novel Erdrich had published.

     Love Medicine is a composition of five different characters experiences about love, translated in a third person's perspective. The story take place on a Native American reservation and focuses on the intertwined fates of two families- the Kashpaws and the Lamartines. In the story, it portrays the two families experiencing betrayal, love and struggles to bond with one another. These themes are based on Native American storytelling as it is a big part of their culture to express these life situations in an artistic manner. So far I finished reading the perspectives of June Kashpaw and began reading the perspective of her aunt, Marie Lazarre. Marie wanted to be a nun , but all of sudden she met a guy named Nector Kashpaw, who now is her husband on her way home from the Sacred Heart Convention. Nector was a successful businessmen and had an affair with Lulu Nanapush who has been in plenty of affairs and even bore children from these relationships. After getting married, this love triangle has become a dramatic saga.

In the story, the relationship between Nector and Marie is one sided because Nector still has feelings for Lulu and doesn't admire his relationship with his actual wife. On page 162, Marie and Nector's relationship is described through a symbolic meaning of love, as Marie expresses, " Sometimes he'd look at me, I'd smile, and he'd think to himself: salt or sugar? But he would never be sure. " ( Erdrich 162 )

As Marie and Nector's relationship strains, Nector has decided to write a letter to Marie saying that he is leaving her for Lulu and he places the letter under the sugar jar. Later that night, Marie saw him coming home and soon she realizes that  Nector  really loves her and wouldn't be able to leave her. Even though Marie is a forgiving and caring, she wants Nector to suffer and understand for how much pain he has done to her, so with her indirect approach she has put the letter under the salt can, which makes Nector realize that she hasn't read the letter, in a way that she doesn't care about him.

I find this quote very significant because even though people go through many obstacles to maintain proper relationships, we should always have hope and forgive each other for our mistakes as we continue to move forward because it builds moral character, despite people being egocentric.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

An Unknown Beauty

The new nine weeks has started, it's another fresh start to tackle another genre of books and rejuvenate the presence of the story. Last week during English, I went searching for a book and as I was exploring the different covers, I came across one book. The front cover had an image of a girl's back, so feminine. The girl was gazing at one direction in a patient manner. She stroked my eyes because it portrayed a beauty that was mysterious and different. The front cover was the reason that I choose the book because I got so curious.

This semester I began reading a book called A Great And Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray. This book is about a girl named Gemma Doyle, who is forced to move from Bombay to London and complete her education at an all girl's religious academy after her mother's death. The story starts off with her being an outcast, but soon she formed the strongest relationships with the most influential girls from her cabin: Felicity, Ann and Pippa. These girls helped Gemma adjust to the new environment and forget about the past, even though it was hard to escape the thoughts of what happened in Bombay.
Well what happened in Bombay? Where's her family? Why did Gemma all of sudden move to London? You might be wondering what Gemma's life has been before she came to London and it's not that complicated to follow, but everything was a mystery. In the beginning of the story Gemma always dreamed of moving to London and receive schooling there, but her mother wasn't that supportive of it and wanted her to stick to her Indian roots than assimilating to an English person and the English societal values. In the beginning of the story, Gemma expresses, " Lately, Mother and I haven't been getting on very well. She claims it's because I've reached an impossible age . I state empathically to anyone who will listen that it's all because she refuses to take me to London. " ( Bray 2 )
Going to London was the only wish Gemma wanted to come true when she was sixteen at the time, but one her sixteen birthday a man and his brother approached Gemma and her mother while they were walking through the streets of Bombay. They've said something that threatened Gemma's mom and Gemma couldn't understand. Gemma's mother told Gemma to walk away while she was handling the situation between the two men. Gemma ran away from fear without anyone to look back on, but unfortunately her mother died. Her mother's death was a mystery, but throughout the story she kept on having visions that her mother committed suicide and that's how she died. This imagination was true because a young man named Kartik appeared to Gemma and said, " Your mother took her own life, didn't she? " ( Bray 79 )
In life it's important for us all of us to receive proper guidance and advice, whether karma or a fortunate teller recognizes our future, we should be aware of our future and be aware of the consequences so we don't get trapped. In chapter seven, Kartik was a person that helped Gemma restore her life back by helping cope with her visions about her mother and save her from the trap in the future. Kartik clearly advises Gemma, " Listen to me well,. You are not to speak about what you've seen to anyone because it will put you in danger. It was a warning. And if you don't want other terrible things to happen, you will not bring anymore visions. "  I feel this quote in the story is very significant because we all can control the path of our future with the trust of others guiding us and other sources. Throughout the story Gemma continues to seek guidance from Kartik and his presence to her is like, " Dear God, I must be imagining things because something, someone, is flying over...He knows me, knows my name. " ( Bray 79 )

Link: http://www.freevampires.net/0/2492.html

Friday, April 7, 2017

Reading to Succeed

Hello! My name is Anjali Philipose, I'm a sophomore at Hebron High school and reading is like dreaming with open eyes. I believe reading is a great exercise for the brain because it allows me to learn more, be imaginative and explore different places. Still to this day, ever since I was little I remember my mom and I would go to the Carrollton public library every week to pick out books and once I got home, my mom would read to me a variety of books: some were nonfiction, fiction and animatic stories. Even though I couldn't read at the time, I was engaged because the stories fascinated me and every word, vowel and consonant processed through my brain. Those were the early days of my reading journey. Once I got into elementary school reading took me to a whole another level. I began learning how to pronounce words and read lengthy text in all genres. Sometimes in school, my teachers would give me reading logs and that would motivate me to read more and improve my reading skills. All throughout elementary and middle school, I became a reader, but it kind of slacked once I got into high school because I was engaged in other things and didn't have " time. "

Being in this class I wanted to push myself back into my good ole reading days and want to challenge myself to read above and beyond my skill level, so its my goal for this year to read more than five books that are unique and different genres. My favorite genres are romantic-fiction, realistic fiction and biographies, and I hope to explore books coming from the classical and modern eras. It is my goal everyday to read more than twenty-one pages within an hour, with good comprehension and spend about thirty minutes dedicated for reading. These goals were created because the high school English classes I've taken influenced me to train myself to read more challenging texts and keep expanding my knowledge to read more after coming across good books.  I believe my goals will benefit me in the future because it will help in the long run and reading assures me to gain more knowledge, increase my creativity and fascination.  

Forgiviness as a Healing

   The school year has came to an end and I began rejuvinating every independent reading time we have been given. Recently I've been r...